How my counselling and therapy has changed lives:

"Talking therapy has been an essential part of my trauma recovery. It has also been (and is) key to resolving and putting into context the issues in life that have really troubled me. Winfield Counselling and Psychotherapy has been essential to this process for me. I would personally recommend Maria to anyone who needs a little independent help to get through their own personal crisis...Nothing feels better than talking
"Winfield Counselling and Psychotherapy provided me with a safe, relaxed and non-judgmental environment that enabled me to discuss the most difficult of subjects. By working through my fears and anxieties Maria has helped me raise myself out of depression. Through her support I have gained an alternative, brighter view of myself and the world. With the ongoing support I have finally seen light at the end of the tunnel
"Maria helped me through a journey I didn't think I could ever survive. Without her support I would never have been brave enough to take the steps to understand my grief. I remember at times how I felt so afraid inside even to share how I really felt, but Maria gave me strength and trust. I had stored many tears and pain over the years, tears to me were weak. I was so afraid to face them in case I fell and I couldn't get back up, this was my biggest fear. I needed someone to support me and I thank you Maria for being there, you helped me release the pain in my heart. You helped me to grieve, you helped me to find me again and you helped me to smile again! Thank you." (Sue.)
"I would like to thank you again for all your support during the last few months. As well as practical advice I have found the process of talking through issues with someone independently very helpful, in many ways reassuring. You have helped me make sense of a good number of my issues. I am eternally grateful (Mr S.C)
"The decision I made contact Maria, was the best I could ever made. I found Maria very understanding, and she's willing to help me back on track. CBT is a great therapy, it is the therapist made it so amazing and helpful. I'm just so grateful to Maria for her huge support. (Ms. Z. S)

"Maria have helped me with several issue, that I have to deal with. I can honestly say that going to Maira, was the best thing I have done and needed to do. Thank you Maria for being a great help and getting me on the right track. The best money I have ever spent! (Mr. D. M)

At Winfield Counselling & Psychotherapy, I know how depression, anxiety and stress can affect you, and I can help.

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